Posted on January 4, 2010


Oooh another blog on food and travel. How original. Well actually, I’m hoping it is in some way.

My theory is this: there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of websites that have ratings for restaurants and travel, but which ones match your own personal criteria? What one person thinks is fantastic, another may think is awful. I have used the likes of Tripadvisor a few times but I just don’t trust that the masses rating the products and services have the same tastes that I do.

I lived in Paris for just over three years and loved trying new restaurants. One of my good friends suggested venues on a number of occasions, and they always fell short of expectation. Another friend however gave me a number of suggestions that I loved almost every time. The difference was not necessarily in quality, just in preference of tastes.

And it’s not all about food, there are other pleasures in life and in different cities that I hope to allude to as well. It’s just that eating well is important to me, and almost every single one of my friends appreciates food so perhaps that is an attribute to our outlooks on life.

If this sounds familiar, then take a look at some of the places I have been to and see if you find anything you like. If you have been to any of my ‘upcoming trips’ destinations and have some tips, they will be gratefully received.

So, this is me: In my (very) early thirties, work in media and have travelled to more than 25 countries I prefer smaller boutique hotels to the big 5 star chains. My usual holiday is a little off the beaten track, but not on random hiking trails unless there is a guide and a yummy meal, hot shower and comfy bed at the end of it. I love trying new food and hope to be posting some recipes to the site when I make new discoveries (these will almost always be relatively simple dishes as I just don’t have much patience for long complicated ones). I travel a lot with work and usually meet with editors of major newspapers in any given country which often gives me a real insiders view.

Besides, I feel like I am forever writing recommendations for friends visiting a place that they know I have lived in or visited so this is a cheats way of pointing them to one place rather than sending long emails.

Et voila, I hope you enjoy it!

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