My two favourites in Paris

Posted on January 4, 2010


Aaaah Paris. In my opinion, the best city in the world. Yes I am biased as I lived there, but no I didn’t speak French when I arrived (well I could ask for a ham baguette and how to get to the station but after that I was screwed).  So many people have told me what a beautiful city it is but shame about the Parisians and isn’t just so expensive. Well, yes and no. If you don’t know the city and get caught in the tourist traps then yes, you get haughty waiters that look down their nose at you because they are obviously far superior in that they are stitching you up with mediocre food at extortionate prices. BUT if you go to the city with someone that knows the city or recommendations from said person, well, that makes a world of difference. And ANYONE who likes food, should actually be in love with Paris before you step foot off the plane.

My favourite favourite restaurant is a small place called Le Jardinier on rue Richer in the 9th arrondissement. It is a husband and wife team (he’s the chef and she looks after front of house). Their food is quite spectacular, served with all the flair you would expect in Paris – complete with amuses bouches and petits fours. The surroundings are well, cosy. Ask for advice on wine and they will point you to good selections within your budget not the most expensive. Expect to spend 40-60eurs on everything Look out for the occasional comedy translation on the English menu.

My second favourite coincides nicely with one of Paris’ main tourist attractions – the Sacre Coeur at Montmartre. Someone I know was staying at a family friends apartment in the area and was left a map of the best places in town. This is certainly one and I was marginally upset that they waltzed into town with this up their sleeve when I had been there three years. La Famille is away from the  main drag at the bottom of rue de trios frères and when you get there, you may think you have gone wrong – it’s on part of the street that is dark dingy and the wooden tables and understated décor may think this is a bad choice. But then you get talked into ordering a cocktail as an ‘aperatif’ and a colourful glass of smoking nitrogen frozen concoction comes out tastes divine. And that’s before the food arrives.