Suckling pig in Segovia

Posted on January 6, 2010


When there is a whole website devoted to one food stuff in one town, you know you have to try it: check out Suckling pig or cochinillo in Spanish is the only thing to eat in Segovia. And this should really be done in Meson de Candido for the full effect. The restaurant is in an old house looking out over a square and the ancient aqueduct. Not having had the opportunity to try many of the restaurants in Segovia, I can’t promise that it’s the best but given the delicious meal we had, you’d have to go some way to beat it.

What really made our visit – admittedly this may disgust some so look away now if you are squeamish – was a big family table of three generations where a mother asked to keep the pig’s head itself and promptly started breaking of various crispy bits, such as the ears, to give to her little boy. He can’t have been more than about 18-months old and couldn’t get enough of the juicy crispy skin.

Make sure you book, we went on a Tuesday around 3pm and it was packed.