Baked Tomato and Feta in Naxos

Posted on January 14, 2010


The summer before last ten friends and I hired a yacht (two friends are fully fledged yachtsmen) and we sailed around some of the Greek Islands. I really wish I had started this blog before as there were so many beautiful places that we just stumbled upon. Volcanic Santorini with it’s little white washed wall houses; party island of Ios where we watched the sun go down with strawberry Daquari’s in hand; Mykonos with it’s funky little bars, and pelicans wandering the streets, and so many more good memories.

One evening we moored up in a harbour in Naxos. I think eating pasta for a week (cheap and easy on a yacht with 11 even with varying dietary requirements), even the best of us craved some good local food. Having a good supply of fresh water for showers was a bonus too. We stayed there two days, one of which we hired scooters to go around the isalnd (incredibly sexist but probably safest, the boys drove). As we drove around we discovered a quaint little village. Realizing that we hadn’t eaten lunch, we stopped off and found a cafĂ© which served us rounds and round of homemade Greek delights, all for the bargain price of around 10euros each. I am surprised the mopeds managed to carry the extra weight home.

One of the most simple yet delicious dishes we had here was baked tomatoes with feta, served with crusty bread. I’ve tried this several times – it’s so easy to serve for a few friends. Make sure you get good bread too, one of the best bits of this dish is mopping up the juice. There’s no measurements so play around with it a little until it suits you.

  • The most important thing for this recipe is to choose good, ripe tomatoes. Cut them in half or quarters, taking out the green core.
  • Add the tomatoes to a shallow oven proof dish, season ad a slug of olive oil and, if desired, a pinch of oregano. Shake them gently until they are all covered.
  • Then take a packet of feta, cut it into pieces around half the size of each tomato. You should have two-thirds tomatoes to one-third feta.
  • Spread the feta cubes evenly on top of the tomatoes and bake for around 45mins in a medium/high oven.

Even those who can’t cook can make this taste good, trust me!

For more on Greek cooking, I love the Australian Women’s Weekly cookbooks. Try Cooking Class: Greek as the recipes are delicious whilst being straightforward and incredibly well explained.

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