La Cantamora, Madrid

Posted on January 26, 2010


I have struggled to just find good restaurants in Madrid but I guess it’s a little like that getting to know any city, it takes time and a few trials and errors. And a little help from El Mundo’s Metropoli awards.

The Cantamora is well worth a visit if you like good food. It had mixed reviews on Google: people loved it or hated it. I have no idea why, it was simply fantastic. I confess that I didn’t take note of names as much as I should, I was too busy enjoying, It just gives me the excuse I need to go back…

The chef is young and after working for some great Spanish chefs, decided to go into business for himself. The decor is simple and tasteful. The bar is a great place to have a drink and to meet friends before sitting down. And as far as the meal went, this is what we had:

A couple of glasses of a super verdejo white wine to start with the fish courses.

Course 1: Clams with a butter and white truffle sauce – delicious.

Course 2: Baked cod with roast vegetables

A super red, recommended by the waiter – full-bodied with a bit of red fruit – was one of the more expensive on the menu. They start from around 15eur and go up to around 40eur. It was really delicious!

Course 3: Cannelloni filled with a wild boar and mushrooms, topped with truffles

Course 4: Solomio that was so tender, you could cut it with a fork, served with an amazing apple purée

Course 5: Cheese – three beautiful cheeses including a well aged crumble cheddar, a creamy cheese with truffles and a Spanish version of St Nectaire.

Course 6: We couldn’t decide on dessert so we took the fondant au chocolat.

All washed down with a good brandy for the boy and a 20-year-old sherry for me (I find it fascinating that the Spanish don’t stock Port – are relations really that bad between the two countries?)

The total bill was 150eur for two people, but we really splashed out. You could easily have a good meal with wine for 30eur per person.

The Cantamora: Calle de Evaristo San Miguel 21, 28008 Madrid, Spain. +34 91 542 95 21