Nina Madrid

Posted on January 31, 2010


One of the first good restaurants that I found in Madrid is Nina, at the north end of Malasaña in Madrid. Actually I didn’t technically find it, my boyfriend took me there. I loved it and subsequently arranged to have a big dinner there for a friend’s 30th. And then today I tested the brunch menu.
For brunch, Nina do an all day 21euro menu that includes:
  • fresh juice of your choice (good selection but only the orange is freshly squeezed)
  • milkshake of your choice: chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. I’m not usually a milkshake person but this was great
  • bread and condiments, including mildly flavoured butters, jams, cream cheese and pâté (yes, that’s what the ice-cream looking balls are. But they taste great)
  • yoghurt of choice: muesli, natural, strawberry and a few more that I can’t remember
  • a choice of six main plates including eggs Benedict; smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel; eggs, bacon and sausage; salmon with poached eggs and a couple of others
  • a plate of four pastries (we had a muffin, small Danish, small croissant and a chocolate covered donut which were good but I was jealous of the couple next door that got cheesecake in the mix)

On Sunday’s Nina has a special three course menu for 22euros which looked pretty good too. Especially given that their standard menu has some twists on Spanish and other classics, such as suckling lamb stuffed with Catalan sausage and black truffles served with a port sauce and prunes. It’s a divine as it sounds (and looks). There are always a few specials that are worth looking out for too.

Mains are around the 12-15euro mark and wine’s are reasonable from around 18euros/bottle so you can eat well without breaking the bank. It’s advised to book ahead, even for brunch, although sometimes it’s possible to turn up and get a table.

Also worth noting is that next door to Nina is a bar called El Parnasillo (Calle de San Andrés, 33, 28004 Madrid). If you are going to Nina’s for dinner El Parnasillo is an ideal place to meet beforehand. It has wonderful lighting, delightful Mucha style paintings on the wall and a beautiful old style till. It’s like going back a fair few years, especially as, being in Spain,  it’s a smoke filled bar.
Nina Madrid – Calle de Manuela Malasaña 10, 28004 Madrid. +34 91 591 00 46‎
El Parnasillo – Calle de San Andrés 33, 28004 Madrid. +34 91 447 00 79‎