Prescriptive Cocktail Club, Paris

Posted on February 7, 2010


I arrived in Paris early evening on Saturday. A friend met me having popped to the Bon Marche (the equivalent of Harrod’s food hall in Paris) to stock up on cheese and good bread. Good friends are wonderful to have. She couldn’t have done better: creamy camembert, Saint Nectaire, vieux Gouda with cumin seeds, rocamadour… She knows how much I miss these French delicacies – no other country does cheese or bread quite like the French.

After being complete gluttons we wanted to go out for a couple of drinks, it was 10pm on a Saturday night after all. My friend had heard of a relatively new place on rue Mazarine, the sister to the Experimental Cocktail Club (just off rue Montorgueil). After passing another favourite, Alcazar, we found a dark fronted place, with no name and a smart bouncer turning people away. This must be it. My friend is blond, petite, gorgeous. We were allowed entry.

A friendly girl welcomed us as if we were entering her house. She took our coats and offered to show us around, ensuring that the barman kept a place for us. The club is relatively small with tables and low velvety stools lining the sides of the room. Upstairs was a DJ, another small bar and more lounge style seating. The crowd was French but international – throughout the evening several people heard us talking English and switched languages so that we may join the conversation.

The Irish barman was charming and listened to our tastes before presenting me with Audrey’s Gin Gin Mule (a refreshing gin based cocktail with mint and ginger) and my friend a Mazarini Rosa (vodka based with fresh red fruits and mint, topped up with champagne). Apparently the ginger beer used for the cocktail is sourced from an organic farm in Devon and they were excited about the fine. I can see why. He and the waitress were perfect hosts all evening. I absolutely love this place and will be back to try more of the delicious cocktails.

Prescriptive Cocktail Club: 23 rue Mazarine, Paris 75006, France.

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