The best hot chocolate in Paris…

Posted on February 18, 2010


…is apparently at Angelina’s on Rue de Rivoli. It is upmarket – a little like going to the Ritz for tea in London. And you know somewhere is worth visiting when there are frequently queues to get in.

A close second on the hot chocolate front, a much more bohemian version, can be found in a great little cafe called L’Ebouillante which is nestled between Ille St Louis and the Marais. It’s served as melted chocolate in a bowl with a large jug of milk to mix in to make it into a lovely rich drink. If hot chocolate is not your thing, don’t panic, they have an extensive tea list too.

In fact it doesn’t really matter what your favourite drink it, it is well worth a visit anyway. The only dilemma is this: the cafe is best in summer when tables pour out onto the terrace beneath a beautiful old church a stone’s throw from but hot chocolate is best drunk in the winter when you can nest away in the funky little cafe. Luckily they also do great summer coolers (I recommend the mango cooler)