Team work at L’Imprimerie, central Paris

Posted on February 19, 2010


The Imprimerie is just south of the Bourse and apparently where the newspaper journalists used to hang out (Imprimerie means ‘the printer’). Only a few of the newspapers are left in that area and they have far more choice of venue so now the Imprimerie hosts a mixed crowd.

It’s was one of my favourite bars to go out with a few friends after dinner and having eaten there a few times when I lived in Paris, I thought it would be a good place for our team to go out whilst I visiting Paris last week. The good news is that they loved it too.

There are some good French style main plates such as Steak tartare, but we opted for the generous planches de charcuteries and fromage served, as in all french cafes, with an unlimited supply of gorgeous dense-and soft-yet-crispy french bread. It was delicious and four planches filled eight of us up.

To save political arguments and tensions in the office the next day, we opted for our own desserts rather than sharing. I had the layered Croustillant des fruits rouges (pictured right) which was fantastic but have to admit I was marginally jealous of those that had the apple tart with gingerbread ice-cream. The fondant au chocolat was perfectly oozing from the centre too. All the desserts here are home-made and the waiters happily offer recommendations.

The bar itself is bistro style with numerous wooden tables and chairs, plus a long bar. It’s more funky, with young staff, than other cafes of this kind and accordingly serve good cocktails with music to match.