Cafe Lezard, Paris (1st)

Posted on February 23, 2010


Recently when I was in Paris, a friend took me out for lunch in my favourite area, rue Montorgueil, to a cafe that I have been to numerous times for drinks, but I had never eaten there. What a mistake, how could Cafe Lezard have been on my doorstep for so long without me discovering it?

Cafe Lezard has a great terrace by the crossroad of rue Tiquetonne and rue Etienne Marcel. It is typically French with wooden tables and chairs crammed in to a relatively small space that is enclosed in folding glass doors in winter making it light and airy, and spilling onto the terrace in the summer months. I had the Salade Folle (crazy salad). I love the way the French give you a salad – legitimately named as such as all have a bed of lettuce, but seduce you into thinking you are eating healthy, when actually it is served with a chunk of fois gras or black of cheese. The salade folle is a bit of a house speciality with home-made fois gras and smoked duck.

My friend had the magret du canard au poivre (duck breast with a pepper sauce), served with perfect dauphinoise and a generous salad. The duck was perfectly pink in the centre with crispy skin.

I was also eyeing up the burger and home-made fries that our neighbouring tables were tucking into, which looked divine (and would have been perfect has I been out the night before instead of spending hours on public transport missing my flight home).

After a week of eating gorgeous food and not going to the gym I thought it best that I didn’t have a dessert. But seeing a lemon meringue pie come out for my friend, I thought a cafe gourmand would be good – something sweet to nibble on with my coffee. Usually a cafe gourmand has one or two sweet nibbles with it. At Cafe Lezard, you get a selection of all the desserts.  Not quite what I had in mind but seeing as it was there and tasted good, I thought I should probably do it the justice of polishing it off.


Cafe Lezard: 32 Rue Etienne Marcel, 75002 Paris; +33 1 42 33 22 73;