Cairo: The Egyptian Museum

Posted on March 10, 2010


The Egyptian Museum is a must see as it is rammed full of artefacts that have been discovered from all over the country. It is E£60 to get in, with students at half price. The museum, although organised by time periods with explanations for each, doesn’t provide much, if any explanation of most of the pieces. We appreciated going to see the museum after seeing the temples and tombs in Luxor as the objects have more context. If you don’t do it in this order, then a guide is well worth the money for the explanations of the history and hieroglyphics (which has 24 characters just in case you were interested!).

The Tutankhamen room alone is worth the entrance fee. The pieces are quite magnificent and the tomb was one of the only major ones that hadn’t been subjected to grave robbers throughout the ages. It was a wonderful discovery and everything is beautifully preserved in gleaming gold and detailed inscriptions. Tutankhamen was only 19 when he died (after under ten years in rule) and it is now believed that we was murdered rather than the previous belief that he had a fatal fall from his chariot.

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