A few tips on Prague

Posted on March 29, 2010


I have just been to Prague for a few days and below are a few top tips. I was lucky with the weather and have glorious sunshine every day. It’s such a pretty city that it’s well worth spending at least two days wandering around – one day on each side of the magnificent Charles Bridge.


I love Czech food, especially in the winter. Slow roasted meat – particularly ham – with stewed cabbage and dumplings is the main speciality. If you eat this at lunchtime, be prepared for a good nap afterwards

Lokal which has been crafted to look like a replica of a typical bar/canteen during the socialist era. The menus are in Czech and friends ordered for me: Paprika chicken and rice which was delicious. All food is typically Czech and seemed pretty good. Although I am not a beer connoisseur, I thought it was good and relied on the judgement of the locals. Lokal appeared to be a bit of a media hangout too with a few of the countries well know journalists there.

Lehka Hlava (Clear Head): as a real carnivore it’s rare that I go to vegetarian restaurants but I was taken there by some friends who live in Prague and I understand why they love it. There’s a vast selection of foods with asian and middle eastern twists at times. The mixed main course to try everything was superb, we had it as a starter between three and it was delicious. Try one of their speciality teas too. Menus come in Czech and English which was a huge relief.

Radost was also recommended to me but I didn’t get a chance to go. I just came across The Prague Spoon which looks like an excellent guide…

U Stare Studny wine bar is a must do if you are on the castle side of the town. It is a real gem of a find and I LOVED it. My date for the evening was an 80 year old showing me the delights of Moravian wine (the whites are fantastic, sweet and crisp at the same time). Set in a cellar, it is cosy with friendly staff.

Where to stay

I have stayed in a few different hotels in Prague, of which the nicest (and most expensive) was certainly the InterContinental. This time I stayed at Hotel Jalta which is on the main Wenceslas Square. The hotel is welcoming, beds comfortable and the wifi free. I particularly liked their restaurant, Como, which had a mix of Czech and mediterranean food. On the downside it is noisy at night.


Prague is definitely best explored by foot. It’s an old city with cobblestones so bring some flat walking shoes for the day.

Be careful of taxis. Many taxi’s that you hail in the street charge exorbitant prices (a 10min taxi ride can cost you 30eur if you are not careful) so make sure you ask before you get in. Look for the taxi stands with yellow ‘radio’ taxis which are perfectly reasonable.

The metro and tram systems are good but as with any tourist city, be wary of pickpockets.

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