Stunning Stavanger

Posted on June 15, 2010


I have a new favourite European city, in the summer at least….Stavanger. Admittedly I may be biased as I had a lovely weekend visiting some friends there and managed to get unusually sunny weather but it really is just beautiful. The town itself is small, cobbled streets, lots of boutique shops in coloured wooden shops and bars looking out onto the harbour.

Despite its size it’s an international town being one of the world’s oil and gas hubs. And Norwegians all speak English, perfect English at that. My friends took me to the countryside, to see the ‘real Norway’ which means fjords, valleys, mountains, and lots of green countryside. We went for a hike up to see Månafossen (a waterfall near the valley pictured above), and then carried on a bit longer to sit by the river. The beach by the sea is wonderful and we sat for a fair while picnicing in the dunes whilst watching the kite surfers.

There’s two downsides that I see: 1. The weather/lack of sunshine in winter (but apparently skiing is great for those that are inclined that way), and 2. Norway is damn expensive! Alcohol is taxed and is massively expensive (the cheapest glass of wine I had was 8euros) and most people stick with beer. My friends advice was: avoid the Tou, and go more for Lervig.

Given the weather was so beautiful, we had barbeques every day but some top tips from friends are:

  • Sting; bit of an arty place, nice and chilled, close to the old fire watch tower
  • NB Sørensen: good burger and ribs, also pasta and fish. And cool deco inside
  • Tango: very expensive but real good.
  • Oil and Gas museum
  • Stim (linked to Skagen Brygge Hotel)
  • Craig Whitson has a couple of restaurants. He moved to Stavanger years ago and brought with him BBQ, grilling and typical foods from USA and Mexico

If you are visitng Stavanger, check out:

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