In Situ: my new favourite restaurant in Madrid

Posted on October 24, 2010


In Situ was recommended by a friend a while ago and when I looked it up online, only to find rave reviews I thought I’d test it out (it’s a hard life, I know). It didn’t disapoint.

The restaurant is small and cosy, I would book at the weekends as I imagine it get’s packed. The girlfriend I went with joked that it was romantic, and the dimmed lighting certainly had that feel but it was more friendly, with a table of women next to us gossiping away.

Caramalized tuna with ginger foam, spinach wonton stack

It says that it serves fusion food, and it is certainly exhibits a good mix of origins and cuisines. If it’s a fusion with Spanish food then  it’s done especially well. I often find Spanish food has too much olive oil but this was all well balanced.

Starters are a real mix so can suit pretty much any mood: fois gras, ceviche, crepes with salmon and dill…

The caramlaized red tuna I had for my main for was divine. It has been rolled in suger and then seared, and served with a ginger cream and a stack of spanish and wonton crips. My friend opted for the vegeatable lasagne which was also delicious, with a nice hint of basil and pesto.

Desserts included home made ice cream, and cheesecake plus the usual desserts for chocolate lovers.

The portions are a good size, not over large. We shared a starter and a dessert but had our own mains, and were completely full. That and a bottle of decent white wine (they range from 12-26euros) cost under 60euros for the two of us.

I love restuarants where the chef comes out and is genuinely keen that  you enjoyed your meal. In Situ just seems to mix the ambience, decor and food perfectly. I can’t wait to go back.

In Situ:, Calle Valverde 40, Madrid, +34 915 226 845