Casa Marcelo, Santiago de Compostela

Posted on October 28, 2010


This is one of those rare restaurants that deserves a whole post to itself. My Spanish food guru told me three times that if i come to Galicia, I must not miss Casa Marcelo, so my expectations were high when I walked through the door. And I was not disaapointed.

Casa Marcelo is small and simply but elegently decorated. As you walk in you see the large open kitchen in front of you. And as I say ‘open kitchen’ it’s not half open as the term usually describes, it is a full feature which allows you to see the chefs prepare every single dish. It’s fascinating.

They have just one menu which is a tasting menu of 75euros. Make sure you go hungry as there is a lot of great food. I don’t have a great camera but I will try to show you the meal we had through photos below….enjoy!

Rhubarb mojito, served on dry ice

Algae, clams and sea pearl salad


Rabbit terrine

Warm sardines served on pimientos de padron

Lobster Bisque

Spring roll with country vegetables

Deep fried Scorpion fish