Perpignan – a funny little French/Spanish town

Posted on September 29, 2011


Perpignan is a funny town with the Spanish French mix pretty obvious in architecture, culture and language. Both Catalan and French both prominent languages.

It has a few dodgy areas so be careful where you go at night (someone I met had been robbed at knifepoint and my friend and I walked passed someone shooting up and waving a needle at us). But overall it’s a nice little place and there are a few good places

Here are a few on the restaurants we went to whilst we were there:

Cafe de la Paix was reasonably priced and a nice setting on place Arago. The gazpacho soup with Chorizo was fantastic and the fish main courses were plentiful and well cooked. I had dorade on a bed of tomatoes and fennel, served with a few mussels and rice. Under  60 euros for two including drinks.

Le Figuier had the most amazing fresh food (my mixed grilled fish featured left was one of the nicest meals I had in Perpignan)  and is situated on a courtyard in the centre of town. Just don’t go there if you are in a hurry as the service was shockingly slow.

Cafe Le Sud was my friends favourite restaurant and had a Moroccan slant on the food. The prawns with the squid ink risotto were juicy and cooked perfectly.

Bar Celone is not only a great play on words but also a fun place to hang out. More Spanish than french it is a tapas bar. We grabbed a quick bite which was all done well and cooked freshly. Washed down with a tinto de verano.

La Dolce Vita was our favourite little hang out. A cute cafe which was cheap, did good food, had nice people, free wifi and a lovely terrace to watch the world go by.

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