Short trip to Vienna

Posted on October 25, 2011


I have just come back from the beautiful Vienna. It was for a conference so I didn’t get too much time to explore and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get up earlier and jog around the ‘Ring’ which is just a few kilometers and goes around the city. By walking around you get to see much of the splendid architecture.

Being a huge conference there were a couple of good events put on – drinks at the Rathaus (pictured) and a gala dinner at the Konzerthaus, which was fantastic. Both are worth visits.

And for a few other tips:

In the centre of Vienna Coffee shop Orlando di Castello, or ODC as it is know has delicious coffee and the cakes look divine.

Just off St Stephens Square,  the Skybar had a restaurant with fantastic views across the city. I also went t the bar there one evening which was actually like going back in time to the eighties, and not just for the music. Quite entertaining.

I tried to get into the Onyx bar which is right opposite the church but it was full and the doorman was so snooty that I made a point not to go back.

On a previous visit to Vienna I went to a superb Austrian Wiener Schnitzel and beer place restaurant called Figlmueller – well worth it.

I stayed at The Ring Hotel, a four star boutique hotel which I thoroughly recommend. The service was fantastic and I loved having a Nespresso machine in my room.

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