Gastonomic adventure in Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Posted on August 27, 2012


Tel Aviv is a complete contrast to Jerusalem. The weight of the conflict, and the difference in religious cultures seems to disappear somewhere on the 45minute drive between the two.

It’s a city on a long stretch of sandy beach, with some great restaurants.  What’s not to love? It would be so easy to go here and hop from restuarant to restaurant, with a few beach trips in between. here are my favourites plus some great tips from friends who live there…

Dallal is located in the small, cool neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. It was my favourite to walk around, situated next to the beach and near Jaffa. I had the black lentils with tahini followed by chicken with spring veg. Dallal has menus for 70s or 100s and can be found at 10 Shabazi St, tel: +97235109292. Booking is necessary.

One evening we sat right by the beach at Goldman. I can honestly say I have only been as full as I was after this meal twice in my life.  We shared a Mezzo between four of us but it could have easily served more, or a main for 2-3 people. This was followed by delicious traditional kebabs with kofta which were amazing but enormous. Dinner cost around 100s each.

Humus IsraelAbu Hassan by Jaffa is the infamous hummus restaurant. Many guidebooks have it marked as the best and my Israeli friends agreed. Go for lunch as it closed at 15:00!

Other restaurants that were recommended by local friends but that I didn’t get time to eat in are:

Herbert Samuel: located next to the Tel Aviv promenade, with an ocean view. 6 Koifman st. (Gaon house). Tel: +97235166516.

North (“Tzfon”) Abraxas: My friend says Excellent restaurant, belongs to one of the most famous chefs in Israel, Eyal Shani. A genius in extracting the full potential of vegetables. Have the cauliflower! They also have a pita-place, called Hamiznon, serving some of the courses in pita. Great place if you want a quick bite to eat in a fun atmosphere.

Raphael: Excellent restaurant, beautiful view of the sea. Romantic.

Hamizlala: Very good restaurant, belonging to another famous chef – Mair Adoni. Great atmosphere.

Hummus Ashkara: Simple places, fast-food-style, but healthy and typical to Israel. This is one of the best.

Gillies: A good restaurant and ideal for a sunny brunch (serving until 16:00). It has a beautiful view of the sea so ask to sit outside if it’s not too hot.

Yoezer: One of the most famous restaurants in Israel, beautifully located in a Jaffa “cave”. Romantic. Expensive.

Charcuterie: Hip, informal place. Great food and atmosphere.

Hotel Montefiore: A very good restaurant, with great atmosphere, serving asian-european food. Suited for dinner but also lunch or breakfast.

The owners have a few more restaurants in Tel Aviv, all very good:

Brasserie – a trendy restaurant that is open 24/7. Ask to sit inside

Coffee Bar: the first restaurant they opened, an institution in Tel Aviv

Rothchild 12: informal, very good atmosphere