Iguazu falls

Posted on November 10, 2012


The Iguazu falls have been high on my places to go list for years so I was very excited to finally get there. And it didn’t disappoint.

The Brazil side of the falls give you the perspective of the enormity of the falls and it’s a great place to start.  It can comfortably be visited in three hours door to door from the Argentinian side and walking isn’t arduous, flip flops will do it.

The bird zoo has also been recommended by a few people so worth checking out of to have more time than we did.

The taxi was 250 pesos, and it’s around 135esos per person to get in to the park. Americans need to get visas to enter Brazil so check this out before you go.

The Argentina side is a little more action orientated and you get a lot closer to the falls. We had been advised to get the gran adventuria for 350 pesos which included a jungle jeep ride and a boat ride which was good, but in hindsight I would have checked the options more thoroughly to get smelting more suited to me and gone for nautica at 200 pesos. The boat ride under the falls is worth it if you are so inclined. It’s a totally different perspective than you get from Brazil. No matter which trip you do, do not miss the Devils Throat 9which can be done by train and foot). It’s by far the most impressive view from the top of the falls. Words can’t describe the enormity of it. The power of the water shows there are greater forces at work than you and I (particularly pertinent during our visit as hurricane Sandy was in full effect in New York)

If you go in spring, the falls are full and the water often red-brown from the mud. In June.July they look very different, still spectacular but not as violent.

To get to the Argentinian side of the falls a taxi is 2200 pesos return and the entry feel is 130 pesos per person.

We went for two days one night but if you have time the optimal is three days two nights.

A friend recommended La Aldea de Selva lodge in the jungle which I also loved. It calls itself a spa but the only spa life activity is that they call in a masseuse if to would like. Prices start at 270 for half an hour. She brings a massage table to your room and it is amazing. We opted for a massage around 22h before we went to bed and it capped the perfect day.

The price includes breakfast which is copious, especially if to have a sweet tooth. As everything in Argentina, dulce de lueche comes in everything, I loved the media Luna croissant wit dulce du leche, perhaps by because I know I’d walk it off during the day.

For dinner we ate Bacu, a river fish, which was the juiciest fish I have ever tasted. Chunky and meaty like cod but far more succulent. It’s local so try it whilst you’re there.

Flying up from BA costs around US$450 return no matter what time of day or day of the week you go. We were impressed with the snack boxes on the short flights. If you fly with LAN you get Havana (coffee chain) treat big Aerolinas wasn’t bad either.

The taxi to and from airport was 120persos and a shared car which is reliable and can be ordered by the hotel is 30pesos each.