Estancia Los Dos Hermanos and St Antonio de Areco

Posted on November 15, 2012


One of my dreams has been to go ranching in Argentina so I did some research as to where to go for a few days during my 12 day trip. I found two options: La Bamba and Los Dos Hermanos. The latter responded first (two weeks earlier in fact) and so we ended up there. It’s rare to see a place that has been given five stars by so many people on Trip Advisor and our expectations were high.

We opted to hire a car from Buenos Aires so that we could also explore the area a little. Europcar wouldn’t be my recommendation here, pay a bit more and go with a company such as Hertz, it’s a lot easier and the cars are better. The estancia also offers to pick you up from your hotel for a reasonable fee.

I’m an experienced rider, even more so with my new found ranching skills from my Texas trip last year. My friend had never been on a horse before. I was resigned to going slow and hoping to get the odd canter or gallop in, but I was mistaken.

The first ride they took Sarah and showed her the basics before she got too near a horse. They gave her a calm horse and we stayed on the ranch the first day, riding through the fields as they quietly assessed us.

Unlike most places I’ve been they will encourage going fast in certain areas of they see you can ride so they let me loose on the ranch. In the evening they asked if I’d like to go and help round up the horses to bring them in. Cantering through fields surrounded by a herd of horses at sunset is a surreal, but wondrous experience I will never forget.

The next day, they had changed our horses based on what they had seen the day before and were spot on with their choices. I had an old polo pony that loved thundering around and was incredibly obedient. Sarah, on her second ever day of riding, told me she her was horse intelligent and she trusted him. By the end of the day was cantering around the ranch with a massive smile on her face. Bravo.

All the riding is hard work if your body isn’t used to it, don’t forget to stretch after every ride. The team at the ranch make sure you are well fed to be able to cope. I think I put on at least two kilos from the copious four meals a day (technically one is just a snack, so three and half really).

Accommodation is authentic – comfortable but not luxurious. We had a three bedroom cottage, with a stocked fridge, to ourselves.

And even better news is that the prices won’t break the bank: 155 euros/US$195at many places in Argentina). It’s also possible to do on a day trip, check directly with them for prices, details below.

Ana or Pancho Peña to: (54) (11) 4723-2880 / 0054 9 11 49928829

Email: /

Lastly, if you drive up yourself, stop off for lunch, or better yet a whole night at San Antonio de Areco, a beautiful town in Las Pampas famous for their Gauchos (although we found it less gaucho like and more yummy mummy affluence. Either way, still worth a visit). We ate at the fabulous La Esquina de Merti. Make sure you pop in, if only for the traditional interior decor.